Know the feedbacks of breast implants

Many flat chested girls are obsessed with breast augmentation because they would like to boost their physical appearance, enhance self-image, increase their level of beauty, enhance self-esteem, have wide choices of better fitting clothing and to increase physical intimacy with a spouse. This obsession pushed women to go even further by subjecting themselves under the knife to improve their breasts size. Although bigger breasts can satisfy women and might make them feel better about their appearance, moving into extreme measures to improve one’s physical appearance need careful thinking.

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Although there are effective breast augmentation surgeries, liposuction Lexington sc surgery remains an invasive procedure that could become a disaster. It is not unusual to hear about women who experienced not so great results with breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement surgery use implants and after a foreign object is inserted into a human body, anomalies or complications could occur. It is important that you be aware of the risks of having breast implants prior to making a decision of placing yourself under the knife. You have to know there are two kinds of breast implants, the saline implant and saline augmentation. Though there are differences in their composition, both are still foreign substances and might endanger one’s health when something went wrong while they are resting within your body. Implants do not last a lifetime. Implants will eventually flow and Rupture which can be quite dangerous if not detected simultaneously.

The frightening part is that no one knows when the implants will really break or rupture. Some implants rupture after a month or two and some lasted for ages. Saline implants rupture or leakage is simple to notice due to the changes in breast size as the liquid flows out. Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater and after the implant leaks, the body will absorb the fluid. Even though the sterile water could not result in significant health problems, the shell of saline implant is made from silicone and might lead to health risks. With silicone implants, leakage or rupture is not easy to discover and MRI is required to track the implants. Sometimes rupture could only be discovered when there are already serious complications and wellness difficulties. The silicone gel out of ruptured silicone implant could spread and influence lymph nodes and other body organs leading to many different health issues that may be quite fatal. When it comes to the risks of getting breast implants, implant rupture is about the top of the list.