By electing me, voters would have already made great strides in addressing The Biggest Issue; corruption!

But I'd have a role in this too.  So...


 Here're a few things I'd do ASAP

1)      Rule of Law Reboot: A resolution reaffirming that the US Constitution is a civil law contract, to be obeyed as written.  What’s not clear must be clarified by written amendment.  What needs to change needs to be changed by written amendment.  Details are here:, and here:
This is, in my opinion, the first thing we must do, as a nation.  All other issues can wait until we deal with the fact that our political scheme is a crime ring.  We have to stop it.  This comes first.

2)     Defund, nullify, impeach, sue, call out and otherwise oppose our political violence; not just abroad, but here at home!  The unconstitutional, unwarranted, dangerous and already destructive militarization and aggressiveness of our "civil" police forces must stop.  Have we declared war on anybody?  No?  Then let's stop killing them.  This should be simple.  If we're not at war, we're at peace and trading.  If citizens are not criminals, then they're to be treated like free citizens and real human beings.

3)      A resolution reinforcing that, in the constitution as actually written and amended, there are only seven federal crimes that apply to citizens outside of Washington, DC (1. counterfeiting, 2. piracy, 3. high seas felony, 4. offense against the Law of Nations, and, 5. treason.  Tax and postal crimes are implied, but unfortunately, unspecified).  Other federal crimes must either be the result of a trans-state-border dispute (murders, other State crimes crossing state lines, for example), or are not federal crimes at all, and the wrongly convicted would be freed. 

4)      Of course nullify PPACA/ “Obamacare.”  But I want politicians out of our healthcare system entirely.  More details here:

5)      I propose we cut as many nations as possible loose from both our purse strings and browbeating.  Peace, commerce and cautious optimism with all nations, entangling alliances with none.

6)      I don’t oppose everything our legislators have done recently.  I’d strongly support "Free Competition in Currency Act," which was reintroduced in this Congress by Rep. Paul Broun (H.R. 77)

7)      Pork (“earmark” or localized spending added to bills) is unconstitutional, and it’s time we call it the crime it is.  Farm subsidies, corporate welfare, federal block grants that should originate and end within the states...they all must stop.  I will squeal whenever I see pork.  That alone will keep me busy. 

8)      Warrantless domestic spying isn't just immoral and unconstitutional; it is too dangerous to permit.  JEdgar Hoover's FBI wielded destructive power against both public figures like Martin Luther King Jr., but also politicians; at least up to the level of Supreme Court justices.  Can you imagine the power our spying and fabrication agencies can now wield against policy makers, let alone citizens?  This must stop.  I'll oppose not just the unwarranted spying itself, but also spending a single Federal Reserve Note on any agency that perpetrates such destructive crime.