AP Police Recruitment Exam – What You Need to Know?

You have taken the first step. Your program is in the hands of a police aide. Now you are ready to take the plunge with the AP Police Recruitment exam. Like everything else in your search for the badge, the trick to success in the written examination is: prep. First on your prep Listing is the AP Police Recruitment exam study guide. Before you leave the recruiter’s office, request one, or where it is possible to get one. Many agencies have an internet guide which can be found on their website. These exam guides tell you what kinds of questions to expect and how many there are per part, how long you have got on each section, and what skills and abilities are analyzed.

If your agency does not have an examination manual, ask the recruiter or your department contact, for information regarding the exam. Learn where the examination is taken, the time necessary to finish the exam, what sorts of questions will be on the exam multiple choice, essay, etc. and what areas of knowledge will be tested. Ask also if the examination is Civil Service.

Nearly every AP Police Recruitment 2018 Apply Online exam will include three areas of evaluation. These areas could be addressed in different sections of queries, or could be bundled within two or three sections. They include:

AP Police Officer

  1. Accuracy of Observation/Memory

Your ability to retain and recall specific details:  You will be given printed information, allowed to read and examine it no note-taking to get a specific amount of time 5 to 25 minutes, then the materials are returned and you are analyzed on the contents. Tests could be memory recall, or may request conclusions to be drawn from the data provided.

  1. Written Skills

Your ability to communicate in writing: You will be given either a spelling or language test usually comprising 25-50 words to be spelled and defined correctly. You will also receive, in some form, a situation to read and take notes. Then you will write a report that relates to specific test-defined points of this situation. This exam section Evaluates your ability to carry out police-related responsibilities such as: report writing, witness statements and finishing department forms.

  1. Reading Comprehension

Your ability to know what you read:  You will be given materials to read and will then answer multiple choice questions on this information to demonstrate that you know and can apply information you browse. This exam section Evaluates your ability to carry out police-related responsibilities such as: correctly reading and understanding legal and technical advice – court orders, department policy, state law, has-mat warnings and training materials, for example. Prepare for exam Segments 1 – 3 by cornering family and friends to give you verbal or written response pop-quizzes on information you have read in papers and magazines.