For those voting in Indiana’s 8th District US House election, I’ll make at least one choice simple: 

If you are OK with the status quo, then don't vote for me!  If you want change, however, then I'm all you've got.

I'm the only candidate who wants politicians to obey written laws, as written.  I'm the only truly anti-war candidate.  I'm the only candidate who wants to both get unconstitutional politics off your back and out of your life, and out of the rest of the world’s business as well.   And I'm the only candidate who’s all about exposing and ending the control of our society by the clique of wealthy people a dozen US Presidents and all our wisest founders warned us about.

The other two candidates, no matter their intentions and character, are unable to change or even improve the corrupt, entrenched, unconstitutional system of corporatism and cronyism they chose to represent.  And by their own words, they have no intention to change very much at all.

So if you think government has grown too powerful and dangerous; if you see the militarization of our police as worrisome; if you're opposed to all the spying, secrecy, spending, debt and deceit; if you think our unrestrained government and its cronies have become a threat to our life, liberty, prosperity and security, then…well, I'm your guy! 





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